Are you going for instagrammable vacation?

by Katie
Instagrammable Vacation Cat Ba

How much does Instagram influence people in their decisions where to spend their holidays? And how can both influencers as well as destinations and hotels profit from it? Learn more in my new article and answer yourself the question – are you going for instagrammable vacation?

The ways people travel change over time and so do the places they travel to. But recently, there has been a new factor that has substantially changed the perspective in which people think about traveling – Instagram. Suddenly, how a certain place looks on your social media can make it more attractive for tourists than great historical or cultural importance. So I would like to pose you a question now – are YOU going for instagrammable vacation?


My Instagram story

When we left for our big journey around Asia in October last year, our road plan was pretty much set. Or well, we knew countries we wanted to visit (Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar – unfortunately leaving out Brunei and Indonesia due to the rainy season) and roughly the areas and main sights we wanted to see. At this point, we knew little about Instagram. And even my account was just a few months old and served only for my family and friends.

But I must admit, the more we dived into working on Katie’s Postcard, the more Instagram became part of our life. And more importantly, it became part of our decision making on which particular spots are we going to visit in the places we were heading.

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Instagram is a great source of publicity for travel bloggers and to be visible among the millions of other users, you need eye-catching imagines. And let’s face it, some even very famous spots are simply more photogenic than other famous spots. And some totally unknown and otherwise uninteresting ones just look amazing on the camera. I know what I am talking about, as I even run a special category on my blog dedicated to Instagrammable places around the World.

Instagrammable Vacation Singapore3

How Instagram changes traveling

I have recently ran into a study conducted by Schofield’s Insurance saying that more than 40% of travelers bellow 33 years of age these days actually decide on the destination they will go according to how Instagrammable the place is and how well will the photos look on their social media. This factor was even more important than opportunities for sightseeing, local cuisine, or cost of alcohol.

Katie’s tip: If you really want to go serious about Instagram, you’ll soon find your iPhone won’t be enough. To get the quality of the image, you will need at least some basic mirrorless camera or a DSLR. I am using Canon 80D with 18-135 mm kit lens, which is a reasonably priced semi-pro option great for both photos and video. And I use  Sigma 30mm 1.4 Art lens to get the amazing blurry background.

It is fascinating how social media and especially one – Instagram –  can totally reshape the map of World tourism. I can only confirm it, as my blog posts on the most instagrammable locations are the most searched and read articles on Katie’s Postcard!

Instagram as an opportunity

And this is also the reason why tourist boards, hotels, restaurants or attraction owners are so open to collaborating with influencers. If you are able to take eye-catching photos and have a decent Instagram following, you can easily use it to enjoy a great holiday with spending just a minimal amount of money or even earning some.

Instagrammable Vacation Angkor Wat

Getting visibility on Instagram is a great way to attract new visitors to your hotel or tourist destination. Look at Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur. They have recently repainted the stairs leading to the caves in rainbow colors and hundreds of tourists are now flowing in just to take photos. A lot of them are not even coming for the caves but just for the stairs. But tourists coming to one place will be missing elsewhere and being Instagrammable might even soon become a necessity for tourist destinations if they don’t want to become losers of this big switch in tourist flows.

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Rainbow Road 🌈

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So to sum up, Instagram does play an important role for me. I don’t pick the country or a city based on its “instagrammibility”, but this factor certainly affects the choice of the spots or sights I visit or recently even the hotels I stay in. The study by Schofield’s Insurance clearly proves in numbers how important Instagrammibility of destinations became for today’s travelers. Some might be even planning their whole holiday based on this factor. If you are thinking of becoming a travel blogger or simply an influencer, you can hardly succeed without taking this into the account. And at the same time, if you are a hotel or a tourist destination, learning how to make use of Instagram and influencers is a great opportunity to get new customers.

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Let me hear from you

So how about you? Does Instagram play an important role when deciding about your travel destination? Are you going for instagrammable vacation? Let me know in the comments section.



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sam January 4, 2019 - 5:13 pm

Nope. I do love some parts of Instagram, like connecting with likeminded people and being inspired, but I frankly dislike the whole idea of an “instagrammable” location. Just because a place looks “better” on social media doesn’t mean its any more interesting, important, or meaningful than a place that might not make a good Instagram photo. And there’s the question…what makes a place “instagrammable”? bright colors? An impressive building? Instagram is also contributing to overtourism with people flooding to locations, as you mentioned, only to take photos. I think we as travel influencers need to focus less on bringing even more people to so-called Instagrammable places and more on uplifting lesser known places that could benefit, not be harmed from, tourism.

Katie January 5, 2019 - 3:15 pm

Hello Sam, thank you for your great answer! There is a lot of thruth in it. However, I would not be so harsh on the concept of “instagrammable places”. As you are saying, we should be “uplifting lesser known” places, but that actually applies to many of the ones which can be considered as “instagrammable”. You can check my articles and you always find at least half of my recommendations to be lesser known places, which however can profit from tourists flowing in. They are not in the middle of nowhere, but there are shops, restaurants and other facilities that would profit from new customers. I am not a fan of overtourism and I was really shocked by how some places were reall hit by it (Angkor Wat, Phuket, Pattaya, I am looking your way). But I actually see the potential of “instagrammable places” to spread the tourist flows a bit more thin.


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